Expeditionary Energy


Off the Grid Living

Expeditionary Energy was asked to design a new Outdoor Ministry Center (OMC) for Saint John Lutheran Church. The project consists of an 80 seat picnic area under cover along with 2 garages with separate doors. One garage would house the churches maintenance equipment. The other garage would allow the church’s chartered boy scout troop to store their camping trailer and gear.

Outdoor Ministry Center with solar panel roof

Because of the location chosen on the property, the church would need to tear up their parking lot and add a few poles to bring electric and communication lines to the building. The municipality requires a fire alarm system, and the church wanted a security system.

Expeditionary Energy designed a solution using off grid technologies that will achieve all the requirements of the project without tearing up the parking lot, loosing parking spaces and still meet all the municipality’s requirements. Utilizing a roof mounted solar array and energy storage system, the OMC will have all the power it needs to conduct its services. It will also rent out the shelter for events such as graduation parties, receptions fund raisers and even scout meetings. The fire, smoke and security system will be connected by a cellular solution.

  • Micro Cabins
  • Vehicle Charging: Green car charged by green power
  • Pole Mounted Lights
  • Comfort Stations

Covered Parking Lots

Covered parking lots are environmental friendly  with a smaller carbon footprint than solar fields installed over farmland and meadows. 

Designed properly they  mitigate water run off, extend the life of the asphalt, protect vehicles from snow, rain, birds and dust. 

Structures can be adapted to cover sidewalks protecting pedestrians from sun and rain and creating a pathway for lighting and power conduits.

Portable EV Charger

Custom designed inverter allowing for quick charge. Units come with battery packs in the legs that allow for night time charging. 

Uses include: residential, construction sites, commercial parking lots and text stops along roadways.