Expeditionary Energy
About Us

About Us

Expeditionary Energy LLC (DBA E2) is a Federally and New York State Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). E2 is a multifaceted company providing custom off grid deployable power, lighting, switchgear, construction consulting and management, and security solutions. Expeditionary Energy’s genesis is the culmination of over 25 years of military and national security experience, rooted on the understanding that our Nation’s security is inextricably linked to our economic well-being and our freedom to chart a clear and viable path to our own energy independence.

With this experience in hand, we recognize that whether a government, business, or private individual, sustaining success in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment requires anxious foresight to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.  Today, these conditions are even more amplified from the compounding effects of growing population centers reliant on carbon-based fuels that are jeopardizing our Earth’s climate and eco-systems, and strategic competitors’ control of fossil fuels which is raising the commensurate costs to nations, businesses, and individuals. For this purpose, Expeditionary Energy LLC designs, deploys, and delivers alternative clean-energy sources and construction to address these challenges. 

Our home state, New York, is committed to clean energy by the year 2040 and our company is uniquely positioned to help our state, businesses, and private individuals contribute to this important goal. With our inhouse and strategic partnerships, Expeditionary Energy LLC will not only assist our home state of New York, but we will assist our Nation’s government, businesses, and our citizens contribute to and reach their shared goals by building industry professionals and expertise, providing innovative designs, and rapidly deploying and delivering clean energy capabilities across the U.S. and internationally. From powering cities, military bases, commercial and institutional properties to private individual homes, Expeditionary Energy LLC will provide the necessary expertise and commitment to grow clean energy initiatives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, deploy, and deliver world-wide alternative, green energy sources to reduce the negative impact carbon-based fuels have on our environment while enabling energy independence to nations, businesses, and private individuals.

Our Values


Our commitment to customers embodies a long-history of our nation’s military and selfless-service by focusing on the welfare and health of our nation’s ecological environment and economy while providing the highest quality of products and workmanship.


We pride ourselves on providing unbridled assessments, implementation, and monitoring systems from the smallest to largest of projects.


Our company believes there are no trade-offs when it comes to the well-being of our ecological environment and economy. We will not only build greater awareness but help our Nation’s government, private businesses, and individuals make wise use of natural resources.

Firm Profile

The partners of Expeditionary Energy have been providing real world strategies for energy independence, design, and implementation for decades. Our background in strategic and operational design, construction, and manufacturing uniquely positions us to help our clients through an all-phased, full-lifecycle approach to project development and management.

Our company works collaboratively with clients to ensure we deliver anticipatory and prospective energy efficient products. Our services include assessing, implementing, and monitoring design and construction for compliance with energy codes and best design practices. 

We specialize in integrated photovoltaic designs that enable sustainment goals while producing excess energy to achieve Net Positive outcomes through 100% renewable sources. Expeditionary Energy designs and manufactures several products to achieve these goals such as solar powered street lights, solar electric vehicle chargers, micro-grid applications for building retrofits and new builds, as well as self-contained power sources that can be deployed in support of post-natural disaster efforts.

In addition, our company provides innovative solutions that reduce the maintenance and energy required to sustain buildings, such as shading devices for fenestration, solar covered walkways, entrances, and parking that reduce or

remove the need to shovel and salt during inclement weather which enhances the lifespan of exterior and interior surfaces while increasing safety protocols.

Expeditionary Energy utilizes several comparable delivery and verification methods to certify green building projects. These include Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to ensure buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained to achieve green energy goals. We are also experienced in Net Zero Energy Building design that is focused on reducing the carbon footprint and Energy Use Intensity (EUI) as outlined by our client’s goals while also providing performance designs and construction that ensure buildings produce energy on site equivalent to or beyond its use.